Nothing new to say, and that’s the problem

At 1am on Wednesday 11 November, the Joint Committee on Human Rights tweeted out their newest report, entitled Black people, racism and human rights. Anyone expecting a new insightful take on the subject will be disappointed. But that was very much the point. The main conclusion of the report is exactly what Black organisations haveContinue reading “Nothing new to say, and that’s the problem”

‘Sus laws’ 2.0

Photo by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona on Unsplash Stop and search powers have always been a tool for discrimination. From the ‘sus’ laws to ‘No-suspicion’ searches, the brunt has always fallen disproportionately on Black and brown people. This has been shown time, time and time again. In the face of this evidence, this ineffective police tacticContinue reading “‘Sus laws’ 2.0”

BPLS Legal Observers have both witnessed and been victim to police discrimination

Image courtesy of Stefan Weil – support his work here In a powerful essay, Patricia Daley and Queenie Djan have explained the experience of our Legal Observers at BLM protests, and how the police officers’ reactions have only illustrated the need for us to be there. “Our Black and Brown legal observers were repeatedly threatenedContinue reading “BPLS Legal Observers have both witnessed and been victim to police discrimination”


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