In the Black Protest Legal Support group, we found that existing labels weren’t sufficient

In a lot of news stories and government publications, you will find the population separated into “White” and “BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic)”.

While we understand that there is a need to refer to different groups, we disagreed with this classification. BAME is a government-made term which brushes a majority of the world’s cultural groups aside with the label “Minority Ethnic”. This is belittling to the rich cultures which make up our world.

As such, we have coined a new phrase.

Why did we do this?

Because if so many cultures are only to be identified in contrast to “White” groups then this needs to be acknowledged in the label. Groups are ‘racialised’ not because they chose that label or because that is how they identify, but because this is how society has deemed them.

In reality, there are myriad groups who fall under this label and deserve to be identified. But if that is not possible in every circumstance – if a shorthand needs to be developed – then it should not be one which allows the reader to feel comfortable brushing aside those differences. The label must acknowledge the active step it is taking.

In our posts, you will see references to BBRG instead of BAME when a shorthand is needed.

Because the world isn’t black and white. And no one should be able to pretend it is.

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