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Image courtesy of Misan Harriman – 2020



Fixed penalty notices (FPNs) have become a common tool of the police during the coronavirus lockdown. As of the 21st
At 1am on Wednesday 11 November, the Joint Committee on Human Rights tweeted out their newest report, entitled Black people,
Image courtesy of Stefan Weil - support his work here The BPLS Legal Observers work hard to document police conduct
Facial recognition is all around us. Many instinctively rely on logging in to their iPhones by glancing at the camera
Image courtesy of Stefan Weil - support his work here The Coronavirus laws have caused confusion amongst the public, the
Image of a BLM protest courtesy of Stefan Weil - support his work here Peaceful protest is a vital part
At almost 2am on the morning of 8th June, a police officer finally stepped aside to let Monique start the
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Photo by Dom J on In 1970s Brixton, black men and women felt victimised by the police. They were
Black Protest Legal Support know that information is important. An imbalance of information can give one group an unfair advantage
The term 'racism' carries a lot of weight, but people still argue over what it means When we refer to