Stop-and-search: The ‘Sus laws’ live on

Photo by Dom J on In 1970s Brixton, black men and women felt victimised by the police. They were frequently stopped and searched in the street if an officer decided that they looked ‘suspicious’. This definition was kept vague under the ‘Sus laws’, and the police abused this power regularly. 40 years later, weContinue reading “Stop-and-search: The ‘Sus laws’ live on”

Knowing your rights regarding protesting in the UK

Black Protest Legal Support know that information is important. An imbalance of information can give one group an unfair advantage over another. Protesting is a legal right, and the police have to have very specific grounds to stop you. If you are stopped by the police it is important to know your rights and howContinue reading “Knowing your rights regarding protesting in the UK”

Defining Racism

The term ‘racism’ carries a lot of weight, but people still argue over what it means When we refer to ‘racism’, we are not just talking about the most prolific examples. Racism isn’t limited to burning crosses or vicious slurs. It can also be found in subtle or systemic forms. An uncertain definition allows aContinue reading “Defining Racism”