About us

Black Protest Legal Support are a group of lawyers and non-lawyers who know that peaceful protests are a vital part of any democratic citizen’s political engagement. The Black Lives Matter protests in London and throughout the UK allowed millions of people to show their anger at the state of racial inequalities in our country and across the world.

We believe that no one should be silenced in these protests by the police, or any intimidating legal concerns. Our committee members, and the large network of like-minded lawyers and volunteers who have joined us, are working to provide legal advice and support to any Black Lives Matter protesters. We particularly look to help those who cannot afford legal representation or access legal aid.

Our Committee

  • Ife Thompson
  • Danielle Manson
  • Patricia Daley
  • James Aiken
  • Yvonne Kramo
  • Fatima Jichi
  • Audrey Cherryl Mogan
  • Brenda Efurhievwe
  • Monique BouffĂ©
  • Zehrah Hasan
  • Shina Animashaun
  • Queenie Djan

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