Black Protest Legal Support

Offering legal advice and support for protestors in the UK

Helping you fight

Black Protest Legal Support UK was set up at the end of May 2020.

More than 200 lawyers have already offered to provide pro bono legal support for the group, which has crowdfunded more than £25,000 in three days and is training dozens of legal advisors to support protestors on the streets

Black Protest Legal Support know that information is important. An imbalance of information can give one group an unfair advantage
The term 'racism' carries a lot of weight, but people still argue over what it means When we refer to
In the Black Protest Legal Support group, we found that existing labels weren't sufficient In a lot of news stories
Image courtesy of Misan Harriman – 2020


Just because the media has moved on doesn’t mean the protests have stopped. We provide up to date news posts regarding the ongoing protests

Image courtesy of Misan Harriman – 2020


Our lawyers are preparing articles on key legal advice for protestors to know

Ife Thompson, BPLS founder


Our close-knit committee of lawyers and non-lawyers working to equalise the scales

Protest Support Lines

If you have been or are being arrested and need legal support, these firms are offering 24 hour support lines

ITN Solicitors: 0203 909 8100

Hodge Jones Allen: 0844 848 0222

Commons: 0203 865 5403

Bindmans: 0207 305 5638