Black Protest Legal Support

Offering legal advice and support for protesters in the UK

We have a network of over 200 lawyers to provide pro bono legal support for protesters, and provide dozens of legal observers to support protesters on the streets

Image courtesy of Misan Harriman – 2020

Image courtesy of Misan Harriman – 2020


Just because the media has moved on doesn’t mean the protests have stopped. We provide up to date news posts regarding the ongoing protests

Image courtesy of Misan Harriman – 2020


Our lawyers are preparing articles on key legal advice for protesters to know

About us

Our close-knit committee of lawyers and non-lawyers working to equalise the scales

Protest Support Lines

If you have been or are being arrested and need legal support, these firms are offering support lines

Kellys Solicitors: 01273 674 898
(Out of hours: 0800 387 463)

Hodge Jones & Allen: 0844 848 0222

MTC Solicitors: 020 7624 4300

Bindmans: 0207 305 5638

ITN Solicitors: 0203 909 8100

Commons Solicitors: 0203 865 5403